Friday, 26 April 2013

Spot-fixing Westfield endures third day of evidence

Mervyn Westfield has endured a third day in the witness box as Danish Kaneria's appeal against a lifetime ban from the game continues.Westfield, a hostile witness forced to attend the hearing after the ECB obtained a High Court summons, spent much of Monday giving evidence and was then cross-examined by Kaneria's legal team on Tuesday and Wednesday.Westfield's testimony was key when Kaneria was banned for life and charged £100,000 in costs by an ECB disciplinary panel in June 2012 for his part in the spot-fixing case involving. Kaneria had been found guilty of inducing Westfield, his former Essex team-mate, to underperform in a limited-overs game in 2009 and of bringing the game into disrepute. Westfield was jailed for his role in the case.ESPNcricinfo understands that Tony Palladino, a former Essex team-mate of Kaneria and Westfield, has been one of the other witnesses before appearing in the current round of Championship games. It was Palladino, now with Derbyshire, who provided the crucial evidence that led to the conviction and imprisonment of Westfield.

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